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IF? Records

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a.k.a. shinjuku filth & moose mastering head-honcho


We love Franc.

As a composer and producer, François Tétaz has worked with many artists, both in recorded music and live performance. Francois’ most recent releases are as a composer – The Motionless World of Time Between, or The Drunken Taxicab of Absolute Reality, and as a producer – James Gordon Anderson’s Concord.

Last year he produced, orchestrated and mixed the soundtrack for the feature film Angst, and remixed artists including Aphex Twin.

His major theatre projects in 2000-2002 included the soundtrack for Lucy Guerin’s The Ends of Things, Kage Physical Theatre’s Next Wave Festival piece No (under) Standing Anytime, Chunky Move's Arcade, Gerard Van Dyke's Collapsible Man and Shelley Lasica's History Situation.

As a producer and music post production engineer François has worked with Little Nobody, B(if)tek, The Bird, Lior, Paul Schütze, David Thrussell, Hamish Cowan, Guyver 3, and numerous other artists.

He has just completed producing new albums for High Pass Filter, Polestar and Beautiful Cyborg, a collaboration with Phillip Brophy and Darrin Verhagen, as well as co-composing and producing the sound track for The Hard Word, featuring Guy Pierce and Rachel Griffith.
Franc was responsible for mastering and tweaking all of the IF? Records releases between 1995 and 2001, often polishing 'em beyond the call of duty.
He also engineered and contributed artistically to all of the Little Nobody material during that time, from the first L.N. track Nobody's Driving (in 1997) to Cocaine Speaking in 2000.
Respect. Did I say that we love Franc?



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