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a.k.a. zen paradox / mr. suspicious


Anyone with even a vague hankering to know some of the outstanding electronica and related beats and pieces that have shaped Melbourne (Australia, not Florida) over the past 20-odd years have a formidable task ahead of 'em. And one name you should brush up on first of all is that of Steve Law.

Starting out with Ollie Olsen - who rode shot-gun with his bands Whirlwirld, Orchestra Of Skin & Bone and No, from the 1970s and '80s, and virtually introduced electronic muzak to this vital city - through the more eclectic, experimental philanderings of Lung U.P.C. in the early '90s, the Detroit-inspired musings of Voiteck, Soulenoid and TR-Storm, and on into the hip hop asides touted by Damian Stephens (Nod/Isnod), the live mess-ups of the LN Elektronische Ensemble, and the guys behind Curse Ov Dialect...

All these people are just the tip of the Melbournian iceberg.

Over the past two decades, too, there's been that aforementioned integral Steve Law - without doubt one of the most vital, innovative and consistent producers this prolific city has conceived.
Respected by his peers, and one of the truly nice guys of the local circuit, Law also continues to make cutting edge electronica within a variety of projects, most notably as Zen Paradox.... a solo production outfit he's utilised for some 15 years now.

Andrez (a.k.a. Little Nobody) and Brian (Milkcrate Man) - before they even dreamed of setting up IF? Records, let alone their ulterior aliases - first caught a Zen Paradox live set in 1993.
It was a 3PBS benefit gig in May that year, where he played second fiddle to better known acts (at that time) Snog, This Digital Ocean, and Screwtape. To Brian's and Andrez's minds, however, this diminutive solo artist hiding behind a stack of rack-mounted gear was the definitive highlight of a night in which the music was great, and the amber fluid flowed rather nicely too...

The boys were smitten.

It went without saying that the IF? trio of Andrez, Brian and Mateusz settled on asking Steve to be one of the first local Melbourne artists to contribute a track to their first 'Zeitgeist' compilation in 1995.

Steve also headlined at the IF? Omniglobe rave parties at Global Village in Footscray in 1995/96, as well as at several Zoetrope sessions at the Punters Club in Fitzroy, often working live in collaboration with Voiteck as The Sonic Voyagers.


"Centerbe (80% alc). Was drinking a lot of this a couple of weeks ago. Still, microbrewery beer would have to be the consistent No.1 (also
drank a fair bit of French Ricard yesterday afternoon in the studio -
I'm sure I'm not an alchoholic though..."


"Right at the moment - A Missing Sense, by Nurse With Wound."


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drinks make the world go round... tra-la-la... hic...