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voiteck andersen


One of Melbourne's most prolific purveyors of the electronic soundscape, Voiteck Andersen also a long time ago took on the mantle of the most successful, as his records were unleashed by labels like Primate in the UK, Harthouse in Germany, Undefined in Adelaide and Truck Musik right here in his own city.

Throughout his ascent he's remained true to his own unhidden agenda - to explore the fringes of underground techno sounds and to produce music that's revolutionary in its own right.

Voiteck also works extensively with other people in Melbourne.

On the production side of things he's made music with Steve Law (a.k.a. Zen Paradox) under the alias of The Sonic Voyagers, and with David Haberfeld (Honeysmack/Pura) as PIN. He's played one-on-one at various stages with Arthur Arkin, Soulenoid and Ransom, and his music has popped up on local labels Seraphic, IF? Records, Blue Sector and Smelly.

Andrez and Brian first met Voiteck when he and his mate Boogs appeared on Andrez's radio show Cyberdada on 3PBS, back in 1994; by year's end he was a regular guest on the program, and was one of the first artists Andrez and Mateusz asked to contribute a track to the inaugural 'Zeitgeist' compilation.
He went on to headline at the IF? Omniglobe rave parties at Global Village in Footscray in 1995/96, as well as at several Zoetrope sessions at the Punters Club in Fitzroy, often working a live spell with friend an accomplice Steve Law (Zen Paradox).
Most of the IF? crew still rate Voiteck as one of Melbourne's best, more dynamic and crazy live acts...

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ABOVE Voiteck live @ the Lounge, Melbourne, 2001

drinks make the world go round... tra-la-la... hic...