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andrez bergen (& occasional mates)


Little Nobody is the ulterior muzak-al alias of Aussie expat hack producer, journalist, photographer, sometime beer connoisseur, windmill aficionado - oh yeah, and IF? label bossy boots - Andrez Bergen, who's been larging it up in Tokyo for some 7 years now - where he occasionally gigs, puts together tunes, and interviews better visiting DJs and producers...

Andrez has released three albums as Little Nobody: Pop Tart, Solid Gold Collectibles & Then Some, and Action Hero - and the next long-player, titled Eating the Heart of the Fishes, has been in production for so many years now (four), it's probably molded-over in parts.
Hopefully more akin to a fine cellared wine, it's set for release early next year. 


In the meantime he's released three Little Nobody vinyl EPs (Depth Charge: That Sinking Feeling, Pop Tart Remixes, and the Eating the Heart of the Fishes remix EP) in 2003 and 2005 respectively in Japan - and this year (2007) released the split vinyl EP The Slack Plague EP in collaboration with Slam-dunk Ninja.
He's also currently assembling a remix album of the archaic-but classic song Brazil, by a hotch-potch of international electronic knob-twiddlers.
Then there was the classic Reaction Hero release in 2001...

A double-CD, Australia-only remix album of Little Nobody tracks, Reaction Hero featured mixes by bods like Si Begg, Tobias Schmidt, Tal, Yamaoka, Voco Derman, Zen Paradox, Nod, 5000 Fingers Of Dr T, Nick Littlemore, Son Of Zev, Artificial, Digital Primate, and other iffy mates. 


Andrez - who is a freelance music & movie journalist as well as a photographer over in Tokyo - also chucks together sounds alone and with various co-conspirators as DJ Fodder, the LN Elektronisch Ensemble, Schlock Tactile, Yagi Des, Curvaceous Crustacean, Herr Schmidt, etc, etc.
His tracks have appeared on labels as far afield as Australia's Hemp Sense, Sunblock, Nine09, Every Picture Tells a Story, Organarchy and Dragonflight, to Japan's TTak and Swedish imprint Fitja.
He also released through Si Begg's Noodles Discotheque imprint in the UK. 


Little Nobody has gigged in Tokyo literally dozens of times over, as well as in Osaka, London, Detroit, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Beijing, Hong Kong, Windsor (Canada), the Netherlands, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and especially in Melbourne - his old stomping ground.
He's played alongside bods like Coldcut, Luke Vibert, Squarepusher, Scanner, Jeff Mills, Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, Ben Sims, Luke Slater, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Tim "Love" Lee, Mike Patton, Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes, Ron Trent, Spearhead, Ian Pooley, Biochip C, Derrick Carter, Neotropic, Voiteck, Steve Law, Pilote, Jammin' Unit, Miss Kittin, Heiko Laux, Kid Calmdown, Isnod, and Sub Bass Snarl.
Andrez has also played at all the bigger Melbourne warehouse parties over the past decade such as Hardware, Every Picture Tells A Story, Earthcore, War Of The Worlds, TransAtlantic, Belfast, Omniglobe and Strange - and more recently at Sunshine People in 2005 while visiting Oz - as well as at seminal Melbourne clubs like Filter, Centriphugal, Teriyaki Anarki Saki, Honkytonks, Revolver, Seven, and Global Warming.
In Sydney he's played at Frigid, Fruity Loops, Warm Up, Phreakin', Scissors*Paper*Rock, 61 Regent Street, and Club Kooky amongst others.
While living in Melbourne up until 2001, Andrez and his accomplices ran the IF? Records live electronica showcase parties like Zoetrope, Zeitsprung, and the So!! Sonic Soirees at the Punters Club in Fitzroy and at Club Filter at the Lounge.
IF? also ran the huge Omniglobe rave parties at the Global Village warehouse complex in Footscray, Melbourne, in 1995/96.


Since arriving in Japan back in July 2001, Andrez has continued to run live electronica showcases like the Zu-zushii sessions at Bullets in Tokyo, and other one-off parties like Zoo, Bulletproof, and Zentropa, with locals like Funk Armor, Nof, Drastik, Magnet Toy, Yuki and others. As Little Nobody he's played at various clubs including Womb in Shibuya, plus one-off parties around Japan.


Oh yeah, and all along Andrez has loved nothing better than a cool amber ale between sets...





"The Luis Bunuel surrealist martini: stuck in a freezer for 2 days, then served up icy. Yum. Oh yeah - and beer. Any beer . Ebisu here in Tokyo. Can I say 3 things here? Yay - and sake - mmm-mm!"


"Right now I'm dipping back into operetta by Nelson Eddie & Jeanette MacDonald; it's truly dodgy and kitsch as heck, but I love it! Also some recent stuff by HIFANA, Captain Funk, Jason Leach (Subhead), Hexstatic, Plaid, Kid Koala and Neil Landstrumm.
God, alright... and kabuki muzak and enka!



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From 1994-2001 Andrez helmed the Cyberdada program on Melbourne's 3PBS FM, which often showcased live electronica from locals musicians as far afield as Voiteck Andersen, Steve Law (Zen Paradox), David Haberfeld (Honeysmack), Adam Raisbeck (Soulenoid/Sense), Allan Klinbail (Son Of Zev), Scott Armstrong (Guyver 3), Shaun Green (Blimp), Tee-Art, Damian Stephens (Isnod), Dan Woodman and Derek Shiel (TR-Storm), as well as one-off collaborative sets between many many of these people, not to mention a plethora of Little Nobody live jaunts.
There were as regular guest DJs like Boogs, Fiery Eye, Trooper, Sub Bass Snarl and Eden, and interviews with internationals like Jammin' Unit, Tobias Schmidt, Dave Tarrida, Biochip C, Stacey Pullen, Claude Young, Luke Vibert, Cristian Vogel, Squarepusher, Jeff Mills, Ian Pooley, Derrick May, Aphex Twin, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Neil Landstrumm, Laibach, Cabaret Voltaire, Frontline Assembly, and Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle notoriety.



"Wayward Seafarers"

"Geme Over: Reset 140"










drinks make the world go round... tra-la-la... hic...