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IF? Records

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Paul Derons 


Enclave is the latest artist to join IF? (in 2008), harking from the label's hometown and old stomping ground - and marks a welcome return to the "acid" tech sounds that hallmarked IF? when it first kicked off in 1995, produced by a guy who purchased his first TR-505 in 1991 - but all taken from the rather beneficial hindsight of a contemporary perspective, o' course!


Ironyism is available online today as a 5-track digital download, exclusively through Addictech here:



Paul, who is a Boag's Strongarm Bitter man, puts it all in perspective best himself: "I have been producing and playing a more streamlined mélange of tough electro, minimal, deep house and techno in recent times, and I believe this is amply reflected on my debut IF? Records offering," he says.



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