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nicole skeltys


We love Nicole!
She first trundled along into our iffy lives when she stopped in at one of the first Zoetrope parties back in '97.
She'd just shifted to Melbourne from Canberra, and she handed Andrez a tape while he was deejaying (badly); "Artificial" was the moniker scrawled across the cover.
While he'd already finalised the line-up for the third IF? compilation 'Zeitgeist 3', that changed as soon as Andrez heard the tape - Artificial's 'Authority Over The Fish' was an instant inclusion.
As it turned out, Nicole had been twiddling knobs for years by that point and was a member of Clan Analogue - eventually joining forces with Kate Crawford to form the B(if)tek empire.
These days the divine Ms. Skeltys focuses more on her more wunderbar solo work, along with her burgeoning band Dust and its upcoming album, and almost a decade later we're still enamoured...
Did we say we love Nicole?
Amen to that.


"My favorite beverage at the moment is pinot grigio."


"I’m listening to music by one of the early pioneers of electronic music Laurie Speigel, I have only discovered her comparatively recently and bought ‘Unseen Worlds’ and ‘Obsolete Systems’.  Her music is top of my list at the moment as the most deeply moving ethereal use of electronics I have heard.  Some of her sounds were put on a record and shot into space as messages to alien races with the Voyager in the 1970s.  Her website is: "


artificial / stoner classix

drinks make the world go round... tra-la-la... hic...