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son of zev

allan klinbail


Allan has been a key member of the IF? posse since he stuck a demo in Andrez's hand while he was DJing a slamming techy set (waywardly!) at Hardware 13 in Melbourne back in 1998.
There was a nice note attached to the CD-R, and a few months later Son Of Zev was sneaked onto the bill for Zoetrope 7 at the Punters Club in Fitzroy.
He never missed another Zoetrope session until the last one took place in 2001.
Allan is literally the son of Zev - his dad - and he's performed live on multiple occasions in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle, has a debut album in the works, and also runs Little Wolf Recordings.
On the side he likes doing Clark Kent impersonations as much as he loves sampling RoboCop action figurines...

Allan also sidelines as a member of the LN Elektronische Ensemble, which played at Offshore Festival, supported Squarepusher and Spearhead, and came last in a Monash University Battle Of The Bands competition.





"Oh, now that's an iffy question - 
but I'll always come back to the
Coopers Red..." 

can't answer this question -
my music taste varies from
time of day, the mood I'm in,
what I've ingested...
be open to everything,
and there is a favourite music
for every mood... basically
for me, if it's dark it's good...
but what I love tonight,
I probably will hate
tomorrow morning...
Not a fair question..."




interview @ de-VICE [2007]

son of zev @

LN elektronische ensemble

Son Of Zev @ Zuzushi 2, Feb. 2007

drinks make the world go round... tra-la-la... hic...