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IF? Records

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2008: the big BRAZIL demo competition


...yep, you guessed right - this is a competition open to any aspiring electronic muzak hacks out there, and it's open until january 2009.

Is Ary Barroso's Aquarela do Brasil (otherwise known as just plain Brazil) the best song penned to paper?
We here at IF? Records think so, and it's been crooned, remixed, reshuffled, and reinterpreted by people as far afield as Frank Sinatra, S-Express, Little Nobody, Kate Bush, Xavier Cugat, Toots Thielemans & Elis Regina, Dionne Warwick, Desi Arnaz, Joao Gilberto, the Three Tenors, etc., ad infinitum - not to mentioned used as the signature theme for Terry Gilliam's excellent movie 1985 celluloid romp ironically also titled Brazil.

Anyway, you can find out everything more you need to know about Brazil, including words and music score - and some thinks you may not care to consider! - right here:






click here


...anyway, if you find yourself at all vaguely interested in submitting your own interpretation of this enigmatic ditty in an electronic muzak style - with a definitive sense of humour in the mix - then start a-tweaking!
IF? Records will be releasing a compilation of Brazil mixes in 2008, so the final date for submission will be January 1, 2009.
...unfortunately we can't guarantee you'll be released (we'll be picking the best couple of demos), and we of course reserve the right to hit eject; we may also not get around to replying to some people - but thanks in advance for any effort or inclination on your part!

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