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guyver 3

scott armstrong


Melbourne electronic music boffin - and game soundtracker par excellence - Scott Armstrong was the inaugural artist on the IF? label with a full-length release: the highly experimental, challenging and superb Perception Camera album that was released in 1996.

Andrez and Briony (a.k.a. Venom) met Scott a number of times in 1994/95 at a swag of rave parties like Kryal Castle, a RRR benefit rave at Luna Park, and Every Picture Tells A Story, etc. Forever the tweaker, Scottie carried around a Walkman with his latest drum-loops, and needless to say Andrez was smitten.
He got Scott together with fellow rookie Melbourne artist Adam Raisbeck (Soulenoid/Sense), and they played a notorious live set together in August 1995 on Andrez's radio show Cyberdada on 3PBS-FM.
That set was promptly released as a limited edition tape called Out Of Standard through IF?, and it was reprised as the 23rd track on the now deleted Perception Camera album.
Scott subsequently colluded with Adam and David Haberfeld (a.k.a. Honeysmack) as Graham Mono, and he worked with Half Yellow.
A Guyver 3 track was also the first Little Nobody remix per se (it popped up on Zeitgeist 2 in 1996), and Scott played live support to Biochip C at Omniglobe 2 that year, as well as featuring at a wad of IF? live gigs like Zeitsprung and Zoetrope over the years.

"Perception Camera"

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