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IF? Records

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jeff willis 


Jeff is an expat American who these days is far more passionate about his adoptive hometown (Melbourne) that his old stomping ground Stateside!
Andrez and Jeff shared house at the now-legendary 1990s IF? Records HQ (43 Brunswick Street, in Fitzroy) with fellow partner-in-crime Richard Martin (a.k.a. Expert Knob Twiddler).
A regular DJ at parties like Every Picture Tells A Story, Earthcore, and at Kryal Castle, Jeff also developed his Kandyman production persona, and combined with Andrez to form DJ Fodder - best known for the endlessly remixed hit track Cocaine Speaking, released in 2000 through IF?, Nine09 in Sydney, and a Kiss FM compilation that same year.
Jeff loves music and is a keen supporter of all new musicians around him in Melbourne.So much so that he deserves a big gold star - even if he has remixed (in quite demented fashion) the original Oompa Loompa song from the '70s version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory...


dj fodder

"Thaitini is my favourite drink - my own concoction - Bombay Sapphire gin shaken with kaffir lime leaves, a little fresh tiny chilli, lemongrass, lime juice & ice then strained into a martini glass with lemonade."


"I'm going to say that I am 
really enjoying
Muse's latest album right now."

Kandyman's new album
FOR LEASE will be
released in 2007.


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drinks make the world go round... tra-la-la... hic...