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IF? LIVE GIG review 2000


an unsolicited review of IF? doing Sydney @ Scissor*Paper*Rock on 21 Oct. 2000...

“Little Nobody in particular is freestyle bits and pieces, ranging from hip hop to disco. Son of Zev is harder techno/electro, and Nod does very strange sound stylings. We like anything so long as it’s vaguely electronic in nature."

— IF? label manager Andrez Bergen, aka "Little Nobody", in this week’s 3D World Mag.

The above is probably about as close as I'll get to labelling the electronic antics which went on Saturday evening at Scissor*Paper*Rock.

Having played a highly amusing drinking game to Goldfinger (my fave Bond movie), my girlfriends and I rocked up to Dendy Bar at about 11:30 Saturday evening. We were greeted by a rather empty club, and Nick Toth spinning some interesting vinyl on the wheels of steel.

I’m not entirely sure what he was playing, suffice to say that it was a rather interesting blend of beats which were hip hop in nature. I could have sworn he was mixing something which sounded suspiciously like a sample from a Kriss Kross track I remember from my mid teens – but I may be way off the mark with that call…;-)

Due to a conspicuous absence of anything resembling action we decided to venture up to Mint Bar for a quiet drink. I believe Ben Feggans was spinning vinyl up there, and doing a nice job might I add! Having had our obligatory time-filling drink we wandered back down the road to be assaulted by a bizarre melange of electronic sounds as we entered Dendy.

“Nod” was the first live PA IF? dished up, and he was certainly living up to the above description. The music was hard, relentless and (I am going to sound extremely lightweight here) strange.

I got the feeling that most of my S*P*R compatriots felt the same way, as the dancefloor was virtually empty. A shame.

Mike Dotch was the next batter up to the plate, launching into some extremely tasty electro. The girls and I were inspired enough to make a mad dash for the dance floor (in an extremely cool manner of course) and start cutting a few moves. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t stay on the electro tip, but his set was very good nonetheless.

Third off the mark was "Little Nobody", playing a funky blend of electronic stylings. I am sure I heard a strange rework of the sample in Armand Van Helden’s "You don’t Know Me", and was really impressed. It’s a kewl sample which really works without the cheesy vocals. I also heard what seemed to be, ah, Barry White thrown in somewhere there – eccentric, but good fun.

Biz E then graced centre stage, launching into customary minimal tech. What can I say? The man is always pure class. My final act for appraisal came in the form of "Son of Zev" – once again delving into some strange, harder electronic territory. By this stage we were a little weary, and left quite close to the end of his performance.

While I appreciated the IF? boys for the fact that they pushed boundaries, they perhaps did not exactly fulfil all my criteria for an entertaining night out. I’m not entirely sure that the night worked, but this may have been due to the fact that events such as "Freedom" may have drawn a lot of the S*P*R regulars elsewhere.

I would, however, highly recommend checking out the IF? boys' new releases as they hit the stores over the next few months – cutting bleeding edge indeed!

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