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david haberfeld


For the record, David Haberfeld is the head-honcho of long time Melbourne label Smelly Records, he's a some-time journalist and editor, a past radio presenter on Kiss FM, a raucous live act, an occasional DJ, and he graduated (in music) from RMIT.

In the studio he's worked with people like Voiteck, Soulenoid, Josh Abrahams, Rudeboy and Guyver 3, and his tracks have been sought out by American luminaries Mike Henk, Freddie Fresh and Steve Stoll.

Formerly known as Pura (under which he released tracks on the first two IF? Records "Zeitgeist" compilations), David changed to Honeysmack around 1997 - and promptly became
one of Melbourne's most gregarious and popular live acts, something special in its interpretation of the live acid medium and something overwhelming in terms of the personality behind the machines. Always on the up and up, '97 was definitely been the year that Habber's electronic voice broke.

Andrez met Habber back in 1994, when both were doing columns for Melbourne's weekly Zebra magazine, inside InPress. The thing that grabbed Andrez's attention wasn't David's trademark facade - vulgar, loud-mouthed, outspoken posturing - but the undercurrent of irony, jocularity and taking the piss.

On ya, mate.



"Jim Bean and cola."



"Edu K – Frenetiko Brazilian hip hop/crunk."


old skool interview (1997) @

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