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kid calmdown

tim colman


Self-confessed former goth Tim (that's OK; Andrez used to be one too) also used to be Andrez's editor at 3D World mag in Sydney, and is therefore sometimes referred to as "lord & master".
Irony at its best, eh?
A lovely music journo himself, for magazines, newspapers and websites including The Sydney Morning Herald and de-VICE, Tim has also moonlighted as DJ Kid Calmdown at a bunch of Sydney clubs and one-off parties like Freaky Loops - but most especially the notoriously cool and recently, lamentedly-defunct Frigid Sunday sessions in Sydney, run by Sub Bass Snarl.
He also featured at Moon Palace in London a couple of years back, and has spun sounds alongside internationals like Mike Paradinas (u-Ziq) and Luke Vibert amongst others, not to mention a who's who of Aussie electro, techno and hip hop personas.
Tim released the rambunctious "Beer Goggles" EP through IF?, and has previously cut wayward tunes with Adam Armfield as The Alcoiids.
These days Andrez and Tim are best mates - as well as diabolical drinking partners whenever they're in each other's city, with a fistful of insane drinking yarns.
Just ask 'em about the one involving a South African gold kruger-rand, Newcastle, a busted zip, and a dysfunctional liver.



"Coopers Pale Ale, because it rhymes and kind of sounds like a pirate if
you say it quick. It's also delicious!! Am going to the pub now. I like
gin too... and vodka."



"New Tv on the Radio, the Herd, Hilltop Hoods, Spank Rock, and anything
remotely dubstep... oh and the new one on DJ/Rupture's label, Filastine,
album of the year!!"



KID CALMDOWN interview @ de-VICE [2007]

"Beer Goggles" EP

drinks make the world go round... tra-la-la... hic...